Fête de la science à l’institut NEEL

Le labo est impliqué les 16 et 17 Octobre pour accueillir des lycéens (programme ici) et le samedi 18 octobre (programme ici) pour le grand public. Vous pouvez encore participer en contactant les organisateurs,Julien Delahaye, Jérôme Debray ou Pierre Molho.

Nobel Prize in Physics 2014

It was awarded jointly to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes. At Institut NEEL the team NPSC both works on fundamental and on possible applications of nitride semiconductor. (en savoir plus)

Publications récentes

Wigner and Kondo physics in quantum point contacts revealed by scanning gate microscopy

Nature Communications, July 2014 here.

Tuning the adhesive geometry of neurons : length and polarity control.

Soft Matter, April 2014 pdf

Faits marquants & Pages récentes

The impossible antiferroquadrupolar order of CeB6

For three decades, the cubic rare-earth compound Cerium Hexaboride CeB6 has been presented as the archetype of a type of ordering called ”antiferroquadrupolar” (AFQ)... Full text

Feb 2014 - Neutron investigation of ferrimagnetic compounds containing gadolinium and boron gets easier

Magnetic structure on highly absorbing compounds using neutron diffraction - L.V.B. Diop, O. Isnard


Tuesday 21 October 09:30

Séminaire mensuel NEEL

Olivier ISNARD

Etude du magnétisme de matériaux intermétalliques massifs

Tuesday 28 October 14:00

Soutenance de thèse


Quantum phase and charge dynamics in Josephson junction chains

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