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Séminaire MCBT : lundi 13 novembre 2023 à 14h00


Yuji Tsuchiya (High Field Laboratory for Superconducting Materials, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai)


Titre : Superconducting diodes effect in high-temperature superconductors


Institut Néel, Salle E424 (Salle Louis Weil)
Résumé : We will discuss the results and future applications of high-temperature superconducting diodes based on nonreciprocal conduction phenomena (i.e., rectification) in superconductors.
Recently, nonreciprocal conduction phenomena have attracted much attention, not only for photons and electrons, but also for spin currents and superconducting electrons. In superconductors with broken spatial inversion symmetry, nonreciprocal conduction of quantum magnetic flux, the so-called superconducting diode effect (SDE) due to vortex rectification, is observed.
We have investigated the SDE in thin films of the rare-earth-based cuprate high temperature superconductor. This is because the superconducting thin film can be regarded as a system with macroscopic spatial inversion symmetry broken system sandwiched by the thin film-substrate interface and the thin film surface.
When an in-plane magnetic field was applied to break time inversion symmetry, the critical current changed depending on the direction of the current, and the SDE appeared. The origin, materials, and applications of SDEs will be discussed.