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Yannick Petit
(Institut de Chimie et de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux (ICMCB))

Jeudi 2 décembre 2021 à 9h30

Zoom link: https://univ-grenoble-alpes-fr.zoom.us/j/95058561726?pwd=RENZOTFyeXl3d3lVcm9MRHZCNmtpUT09m


Title: « Femtosecond laser inscription of multi-scale architectures for photonic applications »

Abstract: Femtosecond laser inscription is a tool of choice to investigate laser/matter interaction and to induce highly 3D localised material modifications. Such an approach provides a versatile experimental access for the realisation of multi-scale photonic architectures with linear and/or nonlinear optical contrast. More specifically, future breakthrough shall require the joint development of specifically developed materials and laser writing approaches. The seminar will deal with progress achieved with optimised silver-containing photosensitive glasses, which has led to a large variety of optical contrast and to new potentialities for photonic applications for integrated optics.