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Séminaire MCBT : lundi 17 juin 2024 à 14h00


Sergey Kafanov (Lancaster University)


Titre : Non-linear Dynamics of the Trapped Quantum Vortex in Superfluid 4 He


Institut Néel, Salle E424 (Salle Louis Weil)
Résumé : In this talk, we discuss a series of experiments with nanomechanical resonators submerged in superfluid helium from the hydrodynamic regime at the vicinity of the superfluid transition temperature down to the ballistic regime at milli-Kelvin temperatures. In our investigation, we achieved unprecedented resolution in capturing, monitoring, and characterizing single vortex events, including their capture, interactions, and eventual release, all with millisecond-level temporal precision. This enables the probe of the local vortex dynamics of captured vortex lifetimes.