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Séminaire QuantAlps : jeudi 27 juin 2024 à 10h00

Sergey Frolov (University of Pittsburgh)

Titre : Unconventional Josephson Effects in Conventional Materials: Artefacts vs. Promising Signals


Salle K223, Institut Néel
Résumé : Deviations from the classic « sinusoidal » Josephson effect may contain evidence for interesting mesoscopic physics related to ballistic transport, few mode supercurrents, spin-orbit interaction, triplet and topological superconductivity. I have been chasing these phenomena my entire career, but i want each discovery to be for real. So I pay a lot of attention to alternative explanations. I will tell you a hopefully engaging story of how I personally tried to find some of the exotic Josephson effects, some successfully while others turned out to be someting else.