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Maxime Dupraz, pôle CRG, présentera
le séminaire mensuel NÉEL

Mardi 21 mars 2023 à 9h30

Salle des séminaires – Bâtiment A


Titre : D2AM: the latest news

Résumé : The diffraction diffusion anomale multi-longueur d’onde (D2AM) beamline is a French collaborating research group (F-CRG) beamline at the ESRF. Its design combined with the available equipment has made the beamline a highly efficient tool for to in situ and operando characterization in materials science. In this seminar I will give an overview of the current and future developments at the beamline: new optics, detectors, sample environment and AI-based workflows under the PIA3 MAGNIFIX and PEPR DIADEM projects, and exploration of the use of coherence, taking advantage of the reduced source size after the ESRF-EBS upgrade.