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Lorenzo de Santis, équipe NPSC, présentera
le séminaire mensuel NÉEL

Mardi 9 avril 2024 à 9h30

Salle Nevill Mott, D420, Institut Néel


Title: Efficient spin-photon interfaces with color centers in diamond and silicon


The realization of large scale quantum networks, where distant spin qubits are connected via single photons, offers interesting opportunities for both quantum science and technology. In recent years color centers in various solids emerged as promising candidates for this, providing highly coherent spin states together with optically active transitions. In this talk, I will give a brief overview of how we can use these color centers as spin-photon interfaces for quantum networking. Then I will discuss some recent work investigating novel centers in diamond and their integration with nanophotonic structures. Finally, I will motivate the interest of developing spin-photon interfaces using silicon as a host material