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Séminaire Théorie : mercredi 11 octobre 2023 à 14h00

Gerhard Jung (Montpellier)

Titre : Coarse-graining (non-)equilibrium soft matter systems: theory and applications

LPMMC, Salle G421


Résumé : Soft matter systems are often governed by processes on multiple different time and length scales. Bridging the gap between these scales and numerically study emergent behavior of many-body systems thus usually requires the usage of coarse-grained models. In general situations in which the separation of time scales is incomplete, such coarse-grained models will feature non-Markovian memory effects and colored noise, as suggested by the Mori-Zwanzig formalism. In equilibrium systems, a plethora of methodologies have been derived to construct non-Markovian coarse-grained models. Their applicability, however, becomes questionable in non-equilibrium systems. In this talk I will give an introduction to non-Markovian modeling and provide examples for successful applications. Subsequently, I will explain why the presented methodology cannot be directly applied to non-equilibrium systems. At the end, I will present my personal roadmap towards developing theoretical foundations and data-driven coarse-grained models for out-of-equilibrium soft matter systems.