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Gabriele D’Avino, équipe TMC, présentera
le séminaire mensuel NÉEL

Mardi 17 Janvier 2023 à 9h30

Salle des séminaires – Bâtiment A
Le séminaire est présenté en anglais.



Titre : Towards a unified understanding of charge transfer, release and transport in doped organic semiconductors

Résumé :

Molecular doping is arguably the main technique to control charge carriers’ density and transport properties of semiconducting materials. In organic semiconductors made of pi-conjugated molecules and polymers, doping enables a large variety of technological applications ranging from optoelectronics to thermoelectricity, albeit the fundamentals of its mechanism remained elusive so far. We will illustrate the challenges associated with the theoretical description of complex and disordered organic materials, which are tackled with a powerful and inter-disciplinary multiscale modelling approach. The seminar will cover our recent research work aimed at a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of molecular doping from infinite dilution to high densities, addressing the three elementary steps of (i) intermolecular charge transfer, (ii) the release of free carriers out of strongly bound excitons, and (iii) the transport mechanism that is primarily limited by disorder in the high-doping regime.

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