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Fabio Denis-Romero, équipe MRS, présentera
le séminaire NEEL

Mardi 15 Mars 2022 à 9h30


Salle de séminaires du bâtiment A (jauge limitée 40 personnes)

Lien visio : https://smartvisio.neel.cnrs.fr/b/jea-lwk-ygz-9zt


Titre : Orthogonal magnetism and hidden kagome lattices in AA′3B4O12 quadruple perovskites with non-magnetic B-sites.

Résumé :

Understanding magnetic interactions in oxide materials is important not only for a fundamental understanding of condensed matter physics but also for the development of functional and multifunctional devices. In this talk, I will introduce quadruple perovskite materials which have general formula AA′3B4O12. These materials can accomodate magnetic ions at the square planar A′ sites. When the B site is occupied by non-magnetic cations, these materials show a wide range of magnetic ordering arrangements: (anti)ferromagnetism, 120°, multi-k… I will present our recent results in the synthesis of two new materials, CaFe3Ti4O12 and CaCo3Ti4O12. Spin orbit coupling in these materials results in the adoption of complex long range ordering arrangements consisting of interpenetrating orthogonal sublattices. We can show that the wide range of magnetic behaviours exhibited by these materials can be explained by the requirement to minimise frustration in hidden kagome lattices, and I will conclude by presenting open problems in understanding the interactions in these phases.