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Demag Day

Electronic and Nuclear Demagnetization Refrigeration

9:30-17:00 on 20 September 2021

Location: Institut Néel/CNRS

This workshop is devoted to advances in adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration (ADR) and to exploring connections between the fields of nuclear and electronic ADR.

Space is limited. Mandatory free registration can be completed at https://evento.renater.fr/survey/demag-day-w4n4qk50.

For more info: andrew.fefferman@neel.cnrs.fr

Confirmed Speakers:
Jean-Marc Duval (CEA): Electronic ADR: applications in space and on land
Lionel Duband (CEA): Hybrid subkelvin cooler for the ATHENA mission
Philippe Camus (Institut Néel): EasyCool–Continuous magnetic refrigerator
Mike Zhitomirsky (CEA): Frustrated magnets and other cool materials
Edward Riordan (Institut Néel): Magnetocaloric materials
Christophe Marcenat (CEA): Implementing ADR on PPMS
Guillaume Donnier-Valentin (Institut Néel): Superconducting coils
Juha Tuoriniemi (Aalto University): Nuclear demagnetization refrigeration
Andrew Casey (Royal Holloway University): Nuclear demagnetization on dry dilution refrigerators
David Schmoranzer (Charles University): Simulations of continuous nuclear demagnetization refrigerators
Sébastien Triqueneaux (Institut Néel): Development of a continuous nuclear demagnetization refrigerator