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Séminaire MCBT : jeudi 16 novembre 2023 à 10h00


Biplab Pal  (Kaliachak College, West Bengal, India)


Titre : The fascinating world of « Flat band Physics »: Theory and experiment


Institut Néel, Salle E424 (Salle Louis Weil)
Résumé : We all know about the band theory of solids from our textbook knowledge. Now, when we study the band structure of a lattice model or a material, there may be the appearance of certain energy bands with zero dispersion. Such bands are formally known as « Flat bands ». The study of flat band physics has been a rigorous field of research in condensed matter in recent years as these flat bands offer highly degenerate many-fold of single particle states which can be an ideal platform to study a wide range of promising physical phenomena such as superconductivity, quantum Hall effect, ferromagnetism etc. In this talk, I will discuss how one can construct such flat bands in various interesting lattice geometries. I will also show that some of these flat band models exhibit interesting topological properties under certain conditions. Finally, I will discuss the experimental relevance of these theoretical models citing how they can be realized in real-life experiments in the field of photonics.