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Séminaire QuantAlps : mardi 2 avril 2024 à 12h20

Antoine Gras (Alice & Bob)

Titre : Cat qubits, a path toward fault-tolerant quantum computer


Salle des séminaires, Bâtiment A
Résumé : Alice&Bob is dedicated to building a fault-tolerant quantum computer. A key ingredient for such a computer is quantum error correction, which comes at a cost of hardware overhead. To limit this overhead, Alice&Bob develops an original approach based on “cat qubits”. Built on the standard toolbox of superconducting circuits, autonomously stabilized cat-qubits have demonstrated a first layer of error correction, suppressing bit-flips exponentially with average photon number at a linear cost in phase-flips.
After introducing Alice&Bob and the cat qubit approach, this talk will discuss the current status of the technology, the different milestones toward a fault tolerant quantum computer, and the associated engineering challenges.