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Electron glass effects in amorphous NbSi films

We report on non equilibrium field effect in insulating amorphous NbSi thin films. The hallmark of an electron glass, namely the logarithmic growth of a memory dip in conductance versus gate voltage curves, is observed in all the films after a cooling from room temperature to 4.2 K. Our results demonstrate that the differentiation between continuous and discontinuous systems is not relevant to understand the discrepancies reported between various systems in the electron glass features. We suggest instead that they stem from differences in the protocols used and in the electrical inhomogeneity length scales within each material.

Julien Delahaye, T Grenet, Claire Marrache-Kikuchi, Vincent Humbert, Laurent Bergé, et al.

SciPost Physics, SciPost Foundation, 2020, 8 (4), pp.056

DOI : 10.21468/SciPostPhys.8.4.056

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