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Collective magnetic state induced by charge disorder in the non-Kramers rare-earth pyrochlore Tb2ScNbO7

Geometrical frustration, as in pyrochlore lattices made of corner-sharing tetrahedra, precludes the onset of conventional magnetic ordering, enabling the stabilization of fluctuating spin states at low temperature. Disorder is a subtle ingredient that can modify the nature of these exotic non ordered phases. Here, we study the interplay between disorder and magnetic frustration in the new pyrochlore compound Tb2ScNbO7 where the nonmagnetic site presents a charge disorder Nb5+/Sc3+. Using sophisticated diffraction techniques combined with macroscopic measurements, we quantify the disorder and show that a spin glass transition occurs at 1 K while retaining strong spin liquid correlations.

Yann Alexanian, Elsa Lhotel, Rafik Ballou, Claire V. Colin, Holger Klein, Antonin Le Priol, Flavien Museur, Julien Robert, Elise Pachoud, Pascal Lejay, Abdellali Hadj-Azzem, Bjorn Fåk, Quentin Berrod, Jean-Marc Zanotti, Emmanuelle Suard, Catherine Dejoie, Sophie de Brion, and Virginie Simonet

Physical Review Materials 7, 094403 (2023)

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