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LaFeSiO1−δ : a novel superconducting member of the Fe crystallogenides family

Layered iron pnictides and chalcogenides materials are now a well-established class of unconventional superconductors. Few years ago, superconductivity was also discovered in LaFeSiH and  where pnictogen/chalcogen atoms are replaced by crystallogen elements: Si, Ge. In this work we report the discovery of a novel superconducting crystallogenide,  an unexpected high Tc value of 10 K considering its strongly squeezed Fe-Si layers. This iron silicide shows an original electronic band structure which suggests a different related superconducting mechanism than the ones found in pnictides/chalcogenides.

Hansen, M.F., Vaney, JB., Lepoittevin, C. et al.

NPJ Quantum Materials 7, 86 (2022)

DOI : 10.1038/s41535-022-00493-z