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Regulated Dynamics with Two Monolayer Steps in Vapor–Solid–Solid Growth of Nanowires

The growth of ZnTe nanowires and ZnTe-CdTe nanowire heterostructures is studied by in situ transmission electron microscopy. We describe the shape, and the change of shape, of the solid gold nanoparticle during vapor-solid-solid growth. We show the balance between one-monolayer and two-monolayer steps which characterizes the vapor-liquid-solid and vapor-solid-solid growth modes of ZnTe. We discuss the likely role of the mismatch strain and lattice coincidence between gold and ZnTe on the predominance of two-monolayer steps during vapor-solid-solid growth, and on the subsequent self-regulation of the step dynamics. Finally, the formation of an interface between CdTe and ZnTe is described

Edith Bellet-Amalric,  Federico Panciera, Gilles Patriarche, Laurent Travers, Martien den Hertog, Jean-Christophe Harmand, Frank Glas, Joel Cibert

ACS Nano XXX, XXX (2022)

DOI : 10.1021/acsnano.1c10666

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