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The application Université Grenoble Alpes to the call Initiatives of Excellence (IDEX), aims at founding a single University with high international recognition, based on education and innovative research in close partnership with national agencies, among them CNRS.

Honoris Causa granted to Ada Yonath

The University Joseph Fourier granted the title of Docteur Honoris Causa to Professor Ada Yonath, Nobel prize for Chemistry 2009. Receiving her title on 31st March 2015, she gave an overview of her outstanding results, opening great expectations towards delivering new families of antibiotics. Photo En savoir +

Physiquarium goes higher - Il physiquarium si alza

The Military Aviation School of Firenze, Italy benefited of a particularly pleasant visit thanks to our multilingual speakers. Photo

Latest publications

Quantum oscillations and upper critical magnetic field of the iron-based superconductor FeSe

EUROPHYSICS LETTERS, Vol 109 January 2015 pdf

Structural phase transitions of C60 under high-pressure and high-temperature

CARBON, vol 82 Nov 2014 pdf

Scientific highlights & Recents pages

Strong radiation-matter coupling in hybrid circuits

Strong coupling is a key regime of quantum optics where radiation and matter exchange energy in a coherent and reversible way... Full text

Feb 2014 - Neutron investigation of ferrimagnetic compounds containing gadolinium and boron gets easier

Magnetic structure on highly absorbing compounds using neutron diffraction - L.V.B. Diop, O. Isnard


Tuesday 7 April 11:00

Séminaire MCBT

Andrew Fefferman (Institut Néel)

Dislocation Networks in 4He Crystals

Tuesday 21 April 09:30

Séminaire mensuel Néel


Dispositifs nano-électro-mécaniques cryogéniques comme systèmes modèles pour la physique fondamentale

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