Inauguration du masqueur

Le nouvel instrument de lithographie nB5 (e-Beam) a été inauguré le 20 novembre dernier, merci à tous. De gauche à droite sur la photo : Alain Fontaine, Hervé Courtois, Giancarlo Faini, Tristan Meunier, Thierry Fournier, Gilles Noguès, Alain Schuhls , Jérôme Vitre, Niels Keller Photo

Olivier Isnard President of the French Materials Society

Olivier Isnard was elected with a two-year term President of the French Materials Society. FFM brings together 28 French or French-speaking societies in Material science, covering Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics. More information here

IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes - A University for Innovation

The application Université Grenoble Alpes to the call Initiatives of Excellence (IDEX), aims at founding a single University with high international recognition, based on education and innovative research in close partnership with national agencies, among them CNRS.

Latest publications

Measurement of the transmission phase of an electron in a quantum two-path interferometer


Degenerate epitaxy-driven defects in monolayer silicon oxide on ruthenium

PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol 92 Oct. 2015 Pdf

Scientific highlights & Recents pages

Fibered nano-optical tweezers for micro- and nano-particle trapping

Optical ”tweezers” are a means by which a small particle can be held stably in the electromagnetic fi eld of a light beam. They have been a well established tool for non-invasive manipulation of very small objects in biology, chemistry, and soft-matter physics. In this context we are developing novel tweezers based on two optical-fi bre nano-tips... Full text

Apr 2015 — European project GreenDiamond

Diamond as the ultimate wide bandgap semiconductor to fabricate a 10kV power transistor. A European project coordinated by Institut NEEL.


Thursday 26 November 09:30

Séminaire NANO

Aurélien Drezet (Nano-Optique et Forces)

Quantum and Classical Plasmonics with Optical Near-Field Optics

Thursday 26 November 14:00

Séminaire MCBT

Ludovic Jaubert (OIST Japon)

A kagome map of spin liquids


Bergisch Gladbach (near Cologne), May 2016

European Workshop on Epitaxial Graphene and 2D Materials

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