La CPES de l’Ecole des Pupilles de l’Air à l’Institut NEEL

Pendant l’année scolaire, les élèves de la classe préparatoire à l’enseignement supérieur (CPES) de l’Ecole des Pupilles de l’Air ont préparé des expériences pédagogiques. La suite ici.

Lee Hsun Prize awarded to Vincent BOUCHIAT

The recipient of 2017 Lee Hsun Lecture Series—Lee Hsun Research Award, Vincent BOUCHIAT, Research Director of Neel Institute, visited Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR, CAS) from April 11 to 15, 2017. During the visit, Prof. Vincent BOUCHIAT gave a lecture entitled “Injecting superconducting and normal currents in ultrathin metal structures and carbon nanocompounds”. More infos here

Deuxième édition grenobloise des RJP (Rencontres des Jeunes Physicien-ne-s)

La deuxième édition grenobloise des "Rencontres des Jeunes Physicien-ne-s (RJP)" s’est tenue vendredi dernier 31 mars à la salle Canopé de Grenoble. Article ici.

Latest publications

Tunable transmission of quantum Hall edge channels with full degeneracy lifting in split-gated graphene devices


Chiral optical local density of states in a spiral plasmonic cavity


Scientific highlights

High school students discover the world of research

Each year, the Institut Néel organizes a series of one-week visits for junior high-school students. Our aim is to give these young students a glimpse of the work that people do in a CNRS laboratory, by introducing them to a selection of subjects from our research programmes. Full text.

A quantum phase transition seen from 0 to 600 K

We are accustomed to attributing phase transitions from an ordered state towards a disordered state to a temperature increase that agitates the atoms till the order is totally broken at a critical temperature Tc. However, this type of transition can also occur at strictly zero absolute temperature, when a parameter such as pressure or magnetic field or (in the case of an alloy) the proportion x of one component is varied. Full text.


Jeudi 29 juin 14:00

Séminaire Magnétisme non conventionnel

Igor ZALIZNYAK (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Bright spinons and dark magnons in f-electron metal Yb2Pt2Pb

Jeudi 29 juin 16:00

Séminaire PLUM

Prof. Martino Poggio (Department of Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland)

Nanomechanics and Nanomagnetism


June, 29, Grenoble

Quantum Engineering Day

Cargèse, July 2017

SAWtrain Summer School

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