Rewarding visit!

Awards were attributed to secondary schools of Hazebrouck and Hérouville, in the framework of the national Physics challenges. This award included the visit of Institut NEEL and Grenoble High Magnetic Field Lab on April 10th, to provide them with a stimulating feeling of research at the Frontiers of Physics. Let us wish them all a bright future in Physics! Photo

Observe, try and elaborate!

Thirty 16-year-old students from LGM, along with their Professors, took part in our scientific dissemination Program at "Physiquarium", under the kind scientific supervision of our staff. Next session scheduled on April 28th Photo

IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes - A University for Innovation

The application Université Grenoble Alpes to the call Initiatives of Excellence (IDEX), aims at founding a single University with high international recognition, based on education and innovative research in close partnership with national agencies, among them CNRS.

Latest publications

Longitudinal and transverse Zeeman ladders in the Ising-like chain antiferromagnet BaCo2V2O8

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol 114 January 2015 Pdf

Hot-wire anemometry for superfluid turbulent coflows


Scientific highlights & Recents pages

Tunable light emission from a boron nitride nanotube device

Scientists have worked hard in the last few decades to grow nanostructures free of defects. The near-perfect atomic arrangements obtained at the nanometre scale have been employed to create new, effi cient devices such as light-emitters, transistors and sensors ... Full text

Apr 2015 — European project GreenDiamond

Diamond as the ultimate wide bandgap semiconductor to fabricate a 10kV power transistor. A European project coordinated by Institut NEEL.


Tuesday 28 April 11:00

Séminaire MCBT

Johanna Seidemann (Magnétisme & Supraconductivité)

Ionic Liquid Gating on WS2 Nanotubes

Thursday 30 April 09:30

Séminaire NANO

Denis Feinberg et Régis Melin (ThNano)

DC Josephson currents and quartet resonances in an out-of-equilibrium three-terminal bijunction

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