Confinement measures aiming at limiting the transmission of the Covid 19 virus have led to shutting down the CNRS campus of Institut Néel from March 17 at noon until further notice.
The staff goes on working from home whenever possible.
Research goes on !


Les mesures de confinement visant à limiter la contagion de la population par le virus Covid 19 ont entraîné la fermeture du site CNRS sur lequel est implanté l’Institut Néel, à partir du 17 mars 2020 à midi et jusqu’à nouvel ordre.
Dans la mesure du possible, le personnel poursuit son activité à distance. La recherche continue !


Latest publications

Epsilon iron as a spin-smectic state

PNAS, October 8, 2019 116 (41) 20280-20285 Pdf

Helical quantum Hall phase in graphene on SrTiO3

Science, 781–786 (2020), Pdf

Scientific highlights

New ceramics for domestic and cryogenic magnetic refrigeration

A continuously growing energy demand worldwide intensifies the need for development of new, high-performance energy conversion and storage technologies. A large part of energy consumption is due to cooling in the industrial sectors such as food conservation as well as air-conditioning for housing, buildings and vehicles. Hence, refrigeration appears as a major concern for the future involving both energy consumption and impact on the environment. To date, the energy for refrigeration comes primarily from fossil fuels which produce CO2, and it uses HFCs (hydrofluorocarbon type) gases for the classical gas-compression cycle. Both these gases pollute the environment. From this point of view, cooling based on using magnetocaloric ceramic oxides as the refrigerant material appears as a promising alternative. Full text.

Thermal energy harvesting on a chip : toward autonomous sensors

The measurement of very tiny quantities of heat is essential for a deep understanding of thermal transfer in nanostructures. Fundamental research on "nanothermal" physics, carried out over ten years at the Institut Néel has now given rise to a disruptive technology for harvesting thermal energy at the nanometre scale. Full text.


Tuesday 14 April 11:00

Séminaire MCBT

Mael Guennou (University of Luxembourg)

"On antiferroelectric phase transitions and model antiferroelectric materials"

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