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Building on their cooperation office located at Neel Institute, a delegation from NIMS came discuss creation of an International Associated Laboratory (LIA) to strengthen the 5 active collaborations between our institutes. Photo

Hors série La recherche : La lumière

Deux équipes de l’Institut Néel publient dans le Hors Série "La lumière" de la revue La Recherche : "Des Photons à la demande", et "Quand l’électronique s’inspire de l’optique". Retrouvez l’intégralité de ces articles dans le numéro en kiosque jusqu’au 18 Août.

IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes - A University for Innovation

The application Université Grenoble Alpes to the call Initiatives of Excellence (IDEX), aims at founding a single University with high international recognition, based on education and innovative research in close partnership with national agencies, among them CNRS.

Latest publications

Atomic arrangement at ZnTe/CdSe interfaces determined by high resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Vol 106 February 2015 Pdf

Longitudinal and transverse Zeeman ladders in the Ising-like chain antiferromagnet BaCo2V2O8

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol 114 January 2015 Pdf

Scientific highlights & Recents pages

Evaporation of helium in a porous material

Porous materials are thirsty materials. Fluids whose liquid phase wets their substrate condense in porous materials at pressures smaller than the saturated vapour pressure, pressures where the bulk stable phase would be gaseous. For water, examples in everyday life range from the silica gels used as desiccants, to wood. Also, unlike in bulk conditions, the transition from gas to liquid shows strong hysteresis... Full text

Apr 2015 — European project GreenDiamond

Diamond as the ultimate wide bandgap semiconductor to fabricate a 10kV power transistor. A European project coordinated by Institut NEEL.


Thursday 27 August 09:30

Séminaire NANO

Louis Veyrat (IFW-Dresden)

Quantum transport in 3D topological insulator nanostructures

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