Congratulations to the Grenoble group!

The QuCube project is winner of the ERC Synergy call for proposals. Led in three research Institutes in Grenoble, LETI, INAC and Néel Institute , and involving scientists from CEA, CNRS and UGA, QuCube uses industrial-grade silicon technology to create a quantum processor.La suite ici.

Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 awarded to Gérard Mourou

Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 was awarded to 3 researchers, including Gérard Mourou Emeritus Professor at Ecole polytechnique, for their work on lasers. Profile of Gérard Mourou.

A brilliant collaboration!

Khaled DRICHE, a PhD student in the Grand Gap Semiconductor Team (SC2G) in double-degree with University of Tsukuba, received the Graduate Student Award at the E-MRS conference in Warsaw. Read more here.

Latest publications

Continuous-Variable Triple-Photon States Quantum Entanglement

PHYS REV LETTER, Jan. 2018 Pdf

Eigenmode orthogonality breaking and anomalous dynamics in multimode nano-optomechanical systems under non-reciprocalcoupling

Nature Communications, (2018) 9:1401 Pdf

Scientific highlights

Electron beam techniques to probe semiconductor nanowires

Semiconductor “nanowires“ are long and narrow, submicron-diameter crystals of semiconducting materials. Grown from the vapour, densely packed onto a substrate, they have been under intense investigation for the last two decades, especially for their use in light emitting diodes (LEDs), photovoltaics and energy harvesting devices. Full text.

2. Switching magnetic skyrmion bubbles on and off

Skyrmions were at first a theoretical concept formulated by Tony Skyrme in 1962 in the context of nuclear physics, as a model for nucleons. Technically, they are “topological solitons“ localized in space and with particle-like properties : they have quantized “topological charges“, interact via attractive and repulsive forces, and can condense into ordered phases. Full text.


Mardi 20 novembre 09:30

Séminaire mensuel NEEL

Hervé Cercellier

Point-Contact Spectroscopy : une technique « de pointe » pour mesurer les excitations de basse énergie et le couplage électron-boson dans les matériaux

Jeudi 22 novembre 14:00

Séminaire Magnétisme non conventionnel

Björn WEHINGER (Department of Quantum Matter Physics, University of Geneva)

Magneto-elastic waves in quantum magnets and the full elasticity tensor from thermal diffuse scattering

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