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Physics - Light - Material (PLUM)

Physics – Light – Material (PLUM)

Our department’s research efforts are focused on the elaboration of materials at scales ranging from bulk to nano, the structural and physical studies of these materials (optical, magneto-electric, etc.), and their use in the fields of energy, information technology – conventional or quantum – or power electronics components.

The department has strong expertise in radiation-matter interaction at the laboratory scale as well as with very large instruments.

“Our department works on the elaboration and structural
or physical studies of inorganic, organic,
semiconductor or intermetallic materials”


We have a permanent staff of around 80 (55 researchers and research-professors, 25 engineers and technicians) and around sixty non-permanent staff members (PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, visitors), divided into five research teams and four technology teams.


Department director: Jean-Philippe Poizat

Deputy director: Patricia DeRango

Technical Adviser: Rémy Bruyère

Executive Assistant: Muriel Boyer

Mail: neel.plum-dir@neel.cnrs.fr

Phone: +33(0) 476 88 10 39

Fax: +33(0) 476 88 10 38