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  • 1940 Louis Néel settles in Grenoble
  • 1946 Laboratory of Electrostatic and Metal Physic (LEPM): first CNRS laboratory created outside of Paris, headed by Louis Néel
  • 1962 Creation of the Center for Research on Very Low Temperatures (CRTBT)
  • 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Louis Néel
  • 1971 Groups of phase transitions join and become later the laboratory for the study of electronic properties of the solid (LEPES)

    X-ray laboratory, later becomes the crystallography laboratory (LdC)

    Magnetism laboratory, later named Louis Néel Laboratory (LLN)
  • 2000 Death of Louis Néel
  • 2007 Institut Néel founded, based on these 4 laboratories, CRTBT, LLN, LEPES and LdC, and other teams issued from two other Grenoble physics laboratories