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Creation of “start-ups”

Another valorization trajectory, promoted locally by the SATT Linksium (Société d’Accélération de Transfert Technologique), consists of maturing and then incubating industrial innovation projects up to the creation of a company.
The “start-ups” thus created from research conducted at the Néel Institute (where they are still housed) have won numerous awards, including one i-lab Grand Prize from BPI France each.


Siquance: technological leader in the field of quantum computing in the world.

Silent Waves

Silent Waves: quantum technologies for advanced readout.


Moïz: wireless and battery-connected sensors for industry 4.0.


In a context of increasing exploitation of mineral resources, the recycling of NdFeB magnets largely supports the development of electrical energy towards a decarbonized society (within the framework of a circular economy).


DiamFab designs the next generation of components for power electronics.


The Grapheal solution treats chronic wounds with dressings that accelerate healing and allow remote wound monitoring.