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QUantic Electronics, Surfaces and spinTronics (QUEST)

QUantic Electronics, Surfaces and spinTronics (QUEST)

The research activity in the QUEST department is focussed on the study of surfaces and interfaces, individual quantum objects and topological matter.

This activity covers all aspects from system nanofabrication to the study of their electronic and magnetic properties as well as modelling.

“Research in this department has a decidedly fundamental aspect,
with potential applications in the fields of information and communication.”


The department has a permanent staff of around 85 (55 researchers and research-professors, 30 engineers and technicians) and around a hundred non-permanent staff members (PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, engineers and technicians temporary contracts and visitors) grouped into six scientific teams and four technical poles.


Department director: Jan Vogel

Deputy director: Hermann Sellier

Technical Adviser: David Barral

Executive Assistant: Anne-Laure Jaussent

Mail: neel.quest-dir@neel.cnrs.fr

Phone: +33(0) 476 88 10 89

Fax: +33(0) 476 88 11 91