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Academic partnerships

Institutionally, Institut NEEL is a CNRS unit (UPR2940) under agreement with the Université Grenoble Alpes.
UPR 2940 is attached to the Institut de Physique of the CNRS.

Numerous research activities fall under the themes of other CNRS Institutes. Approximately 79% of CNRS researchers work in sections of the CNRS National Committee attached to the Institut de Physique, 13% in the Institut de Chimie, 6% in the Institut des Sciences de l’Ingénierie et des Systèmes and 2% in the Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers.

We work in strong synergy with several other neighboring laboratories of CNRS and UGA such as the LPMMC for the theory of condensed matter, the LNCMI, the G2Elab. Numerous collaborations associate researchers from Institut Néel with those from other Grenoble laboratories, including CERMAV, GIN, IPAG, ISTerre, LEGI, LiPhy, LJK, LMGP, LTM, LUHCIE, SIMaP.

We have active and close links with CEA-Grenoble, in particular with physicists from IRIG (Grenoble Institute for Interdisciplinary Research), Leti and Liten, two technology research centers specializing respectively in semiconductors and energy. The Néel Institute benefits from a network of strong and long-lasting links with major European instruments: ESRF, ILL and IRAM.