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Nora Dempsey, winner of the prestigious innovation medal!

The CNRS announced today (April 15th, 2021) the 2021 winners of the Innovation Medal. 
Since 2011, this distinction has recognized individuals whose exceptional research has led to significant technological, economic, therapeutic and social innovations.

Nora Dempsey is one of four scientists to have been awarded the 2021 CNRS Innovation Medal.  
This distinction is in recognition of her work related to the fabrication, characterization and use of high performance micro-magnets.
Nora would like emphasize that this award is the fruit of teamwork between scientists, engineers and technicians within Institut Néel and a number of external collaborations..

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Nora Dempsey in five dates
2001: Recruited by the CNRS.
2007: Began collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation and first publication on high-performance hard magnetic NdFeB films.
2013: Patent on the use of micro-magnets for molecule capture, exploited by the start-up Magia Diagnostic.
2016: First magnetic characterization using a Kerr effect magneto-optical system using a patented pulsed magnetic field source.
2019: Start of the MicroMagFab maturation project (SATT- Linksium).

©Christian Morel/CNRS Photothèque. Wafer-level characterisation of the magnetic properties of hard magnetic films

©Christian Morel/CNRS Photothèque. Trapping of magnetic beads flowing in a micro-fluidic channel using a thermomagnetically patterned hard magnetic film

©Christian Morel/CNRS Photothèque. Preparation of a NdFeB sputtering target

©Christian Morel/CNRS Photothèque. Imaging of the stray magnetic field pattern produced by micro-magnets