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The key to optimal patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs is early detection of diseases. And excellent image quality plays an essential role. So while current X-ray technology is sufficient in many ways, it cannot address some important patient needs today, and some extraordinary opportunities tomorrow.

The EU-funded PEROXIS project aims to develop the next generation of highly sensitive X-ray detectors that will enable better diagnostics and treatment for better patient outcomes. This consortium of leading public and private partners is working together to develop an affordable and effective solution based on perovskite direct conversion materials that are already widely known from highly efficient solar panels.

OPTIMA team (Julien Zaccaro, Alain Ibanez and Thibault Lemercier), Bulk Crystal Growth, X’Press  (Eric Mossang) and Optics & Microscopies technological groups (Sébastien Païris and Fabrice Donatini) participate in this project

Follow PEROXIS as it leads the way to next-generation X-ray imaging that will improve healthcare outcomes.

Video here.