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Cavity Nano-Optomechanics with Suspended Subwavelength-Sized Nanowires

An ongoing line of inquiry in cavity optomechanics consists of increasing the strength of the light-oscillator interaction to explore various dynamical regimes. By combining a high-finesse microcavity with an ultrasensitive force sensor (a suspended SiC nanowire), one can reach the regime where a single photon in the cavity has a measurable impact on the nanoresonator.
The internal optical resonances of the nanowire strongly structure and possibly enhance the light-nanowire interaction, which can be fine-tuned through careful positioning of the subwavelength-sized nanowire within the standing wave inside the cavity.

Antoine Reigue, Francesco Fogliano, Philip Heringlake, Laure Mercier de Lépinay, Benjamin Besga, Jakob Reichel, Benjamin Pigeau, and Olivier Arcizet

Physical Review Applied 20, 014025 (2023)

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