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Grapheal has raised a total of EUR 1.9 million!

The funds will be used to develop the solution in digital COVID testing and wound monitoring.

TestNPass is Grapheal’s diagnostic test based on saliva sampling that can be used to rapidly screen for the COVID-19 infection. Within 5 minutes, the digital test detects the presence of the virus without the requirement of dedicated reading equipment other than a smartphone or a standard NFC-connected device. When the SARS-CoV-2 virus binds to antibodies contained in TestNPass, a specific electrical signal is detected. This signal can be captured electronically on the device, which speeds up the diagnosis and allows the result’s secure digital transfer.

WoundLAB is a flexible and transparent graphene-based biosensor patch that continuously records and stores wound biochemical parameters. A smartphone app is then used to communicate this data to a telemedicine cloud for data aggregation and further analysis. This allows caregivers to monitor wound healing in their patients remotely, with prompt alerts if any infections or medical complications arise.

Since its creation in 2019, Grapheal received numerous innovation awards, including the French i-Lab and i-Nov prizes, EDF Pulse prize, EU-funded EIT Health Headstart award, and was integrated into several acceleration entrepreneurship programs worldwide (HEC Challenge+, Creative Destruction Lab, MassChallenge, and NETVA). Grapheal is also an associate member of the Graphene Flagship, a EUR 1 billion, 10-year collaborative program supported by the European Union.

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