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Congratulations to Nicolas Roch, CNRS Bronze Medal 2023

Nicolas Roch is a CNRS researcher at Institut Néel, in the Quantum Electronic Circuits Alps (QuantECA) team, specialising in superconducting quantum circuits.

Thus, it is now possible to perform quantum optics experiments using microwave photons, and to unravel new regimes of the light-matter interaction using electronic circuits. These circuits are thus ideal to design useful applications, from high fidelity quantum non-demolition readout to ultra-sensitive sensing at the quantum limit of amplification.

This basic research has led to the development of state of the art microwave amplifier and recently to the startup creation SilentWaves (startup co-founded by Nicolas Roch).

Superconducting qubits constitute also a great playground to explore fundamental phenomena that challenge the current understanding of quantum mechanics (e.g. quantum phase slips or quantum criticality). Theoretical research is also pursued in the lab, which ranges from experimental modeling to the development of new concepts and quantum simulation tools.

These advanced experiments rely on nanofabrication, microwavemeasurements using very low noise electronics, as well as sub-Kelvin cryogenics. 

The strong support of the technical groups of Institut Néel and from various national and international collaborations are key to the success of this research.