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Congratulations to Julien Pernot!

The Electricity, Electronics and information and communication technologies Society (EES) has awarded the André Blondel 2019 medal to Julien Pernot (Institut Néel, UGA) for his work on the physics of the diamond semiconductor and its application to power electronics. 

The Blondel Medal is awarded each year to university or industrial scientists, French or foreign, for outstanding work contributing to the progress of Electrical and Electronic Science and Industries, and carried out with the same concern for depth and rigour as that of André Blondel. James Roudet (G2ELab, UGA) is godfather of the laureate.
This is a great enhancement of the activities of the energy laboratory and in particular for the SC2G team.

Photo:  from left to right: François Le Chevalier (Chairman of the EES Grades Committee), Julien Pernot (Winner of the Blondel Medal 2019), François Gerin (President of the EES).