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Quantum: from materials to technologies

This is a very broad topic, covering quantum materials (superconductors, 2D materials, (non)linear optics, etc.), quantum technologies, particularly for information (hardware, communication, architectures, modelling, thermodynamics, etc.) and sensors (magnetic fields, forces), as well as the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum/classical interface.

At Institut Néel, this research field is based on a very strong history in experimental and theoretical activities in quantum electronic and mesoscopic physics, that was more recently reinforced by an important activity in quantum optics, and nanomechanics.

The quantum field in Grenoble benefits from a very active very well structured ecosystem from the most basic research to applied research developped in CNRS, UGA, CEA, and local industrialists. For these reasons, Grenoble has been identified as one of the three quantum hubs of the french « Plan quantique national » together with Paris and Saclay, and is a major player in the European Quantum Flagship. Strengthen links with our partners, notably through the two joint teams (CNRS/CEA), maintain and develop our role in this ecosystem, and more broadly at the national and international levels, are major challenges for the laboratory.

Compound featuring quantum spin chains

Photonic antenna for single photon or entangled photons sources from a quantum dot


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