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Rewarding teamwork!

On Tuesday July 4, the European Inventor Award 2023 ceremony took place in Valencia, Spain. It saw the victory of a team of French scientists.


© EPO : Albin Chaise, Nataliya Skryabina et Daniel Fruchart

©FranceInter : Patricia de Rango


Patricia de Rango (Director of Research, Institut Néel/CNRS), Daniel Fruchart (former Director of Research, Institut Néel/CNRS), Albin Chaise, Michel Jehan and Nataliya Skryabina received double awards (research and public) for a remarkable innovation in the field of hydrogen.

Patricia de Rango and Michel Jehan, magnesium industrialist and Chairman of Jomi Leman, were the guests on France Inter’s 6h20 program on Wednesday July 5.

Ressources :
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