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New record for the supra!

The phenomenon of superconductivity, discovered just over 100 years ago, is the quantum phenomenon of excellence.

An American team has succeeded in creating a material (composed of hydrogen, sulfur and carbon) capable of propagating electric current without any loss of energy and at room temperature, but under very high pressures.
This success, when replicated by competitors, will shake up concepts and point the way to finding superconducting materials at room temperature and pressure.

A symbolic barrier that physicists have been struggling to overcome for decades has been surpassed.

At Institut Néel, the means employed are close, except that the pressures employed by this American team are at least 10 times higher.

Measurement techniques (resistivity, susceptibility) are also used at the Néel Institute on these devices and we are working on the fundamental mechanisms of superconductivity with the final objective of contributing to the development of ambient superconductivity.

Read the article in “Nature” of October 15, 2020.