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A two-qubit engine fueled by entangling operations and local measurements

We introduce a two-qubit engine that is powered by entanglement and local measurements. Energy is extracted from the detuned qubits coherently exchanging a single excitation. Generalizing to an N-qubit chain, we show that the low energy of the first qubit can be up-converted to an arbitrarily high energy at the last qubit by successive neighbor swap operations and local measurements. We finally model the local measurement as the entanglement of a qubit with a meter, and we identify the fuel as the energetic cost to erase the correlations between the qubits. Our findings extend measurement-powered engines to composite working substances, and provide a microscopic interpretation of the fueling mechanism.

Léa Bresque, Patrice A. Camati, Spencer Rogers, Kater Murch, Andrew N. Jordan, Alexia Auffèves

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