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Demonstrating quantum properties of triple photons generated by χ3 processes

Triple-photon generation (TPG) based on a third-order nonlinear optical interaction is the direct way to produce pure triple-photon states. These states exhibit three-body quantum correlations, different from twin-photon states, making them useful for new quantum information tasks. The first experimental demonstration, using a bi-stimulation scheme in a bulk KTP crystal has been followed by the TPG quantum theory. New challenges to achieve spontaneous TPG is to use ridge waveguides to ensure birefringence phase-matching and light confinement. After a review of our work on TPG including quantum modeling, theoretical tools for the certification of spontaneous TPG quantum features are developped.

Kamel Bencheikh , Marina F. B. Cenni, Enky Oudot, Véronique Boutou, Corinne Félix, Joel Compte Prades, Augustin Vernay, Julien Bertrand, Florent Bassignot, Mathieu Chauvet, Félix Bussières, Hugo Zbinden, Ariel Levenson, and Benoît Boulanger.

European Physical Journal D 76, 186 (2022)

DOI : 10.1140/epjd/s10053-022-00514-3

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