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Sonocrystallization of CMONS Needles and Nanocubes: Mechanistic Studies and Advanced Crystallinity Characterization by Combining X-ray and Electron Diffractions with DNP-Enhanced NMR

A new setup has been developed that allows the production of organic nanocrystals to be used in bioimaging, which greatly improves the classical reprecipitation process thanks to the application of ultrasounds. When applied to the CMONS stilbene dye, submicrometric needles with excellent crystallinity were obtained. The crystal quality was thoroughly assessed using complementary techniques such as X-ray and electron diffraction, fluorescence spectroscopy, and an original technique of solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance enhanced by dynamic nuclear polarization, in collaboration with CEA/IRIG. Finally, the stabilization of intermediate nanocubes allowed us to ascertain the mechanism involved in the formation of needles.

Xavier Cattoën, Akshay Kumar, Fabien Dubois, Carole Vaillant, Mauricio Matta-Seclén, Olivier Leynaud, Stéphanie Kodjikian, Sabine Hediger, Gaël De Paëpe and Alain Ibanez

Crystal Growth and Design 22, 2181-2191 (2022)

DOI : 10.1021/acs.cgd.1cO1246