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Congratulations to Mathieu GIBERT, Edmond Brun*/Suzanne Brun Foundation Prize from the French Academy of Sciences

Many of this year’s awards involve CNRS researchers or researchers attached to a laboratory supervised by the CNRS. Among these scientists, 10 are linked to a laboratory attached to CNRS Physique, including Mathieu Gibert.

Researcher fellow at Institut Néel (CNRS/UGA), Mathieu Gibert is interested in classical and quantum fluid flows, which he studies by developing laboratory experiments and measurement techniques based mainly on the visualization of particles transported by these flows.

In particular, he has developed an experiment for visualizing the dynamics of quantum vortices in rotating superfluid liquid helium. This new device can serve as a reference for consolidating theoretical descriptions of quantum fluids.

Congratulations again!

Re-live the ceremony on Youtube  (Mathieu 1’19:49)

*The Edmond Brun Prize is an alternative biennial French scientific prize awarded by the Académie des Sciences in recognition of a researcher’s work in astronautics or fluid mechanics and thermics. It is named after Edmond Brun (1898-1979).

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