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Junliang WANG was awarded the 2023 Université Grenoble Alpes Academic Thesis Prize
for his research work among doctors graduating in 2022


Control and coherent manipulation of single electrons is one of the important ingredients towards single electron circuitry as well as the realization of flying qubit architectures using single electrons on the fly. With this PhD project we would like to explore a novel platform for quantum electron optics with the goal of bringing it to the level of its photonic counterpart. The advantage of performing quantum optics experiments with flying electrons is the existing Coulomb coupling between the electrons. Photons are basically non-interacting quantum particles and they therefore have a longer coherence time than electrons. However, due to the absence of interactions it is more difficult to construct a two-qubit gate, which operates at the single photon level.

With this project we will leverage on the recent progress on single-electron transport using surface acoustic waves and we propose to develop coherent control of single flying electrons in waveguide nanostructures. This will on the one hand open the possibility to perform quantum optics experiments at the single-electron level and on the other hand lay the grounds to exploit this novel system in quantum technologies.

The awards will be presented at the “PhD Ceremony” on June 22, 2023.. More info