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Congratulations to CNRS 2023 talents

Every year, the CNRS organises a medal ceremony to honour outstanding researchers, engineers and technicians who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of science.

On Friday 1 December 2023, Nicolas Roch and Éric Eyraud received their awards.

Nicolas Roch, a CNRS research fellow in quantum electronics at Institut Néel, as part of the QuantECA team, is a specialist in superconducting quantum circuits. He was awarded the bronze medal.

Éric Eyraud, a CNRS research engineer at Institut Néel, working in the experimental engineering technology centre, is an expert in the development of cryogenic equipment. He was awarded the Crystal Medal.

© Institut Néel/CNRS : Nicolas Roch and Sébastien Tanzilli
(Deputy scientific director, CNRS Physique).

© Institut Néel/CNRS : Éric Eyraud and Frédéric Petroff
(Deputy scientific director, CNRS Physique).


Marjorie Fraisse (déléguée régionale CNRS Alpes) and Laurence Magaud (directrice de l’Institut Néel) with de winners.


Médaille d’argent : Sophie Achard et Anna Minguzzi
Médaille de bronze : Sophie Abby et Nicolas Roch
Médaille de cristal : Nathalie Cotte et Éric Eyraud.

Congratulations to all of you!