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1st night in the telescope for Concerto!

After an intense work and a few strokes of file here and there… CONCERTO is installed in the telescope cabin.
The team had some concerns the first night, as the movement of the cabin caused the system to shake. Fortunately, everything stayed in its place. The team enjoyed a “special little dinner with red wine” hosted by the friendly APEX staff to celebrate the installation. The team thanks them for their support throughout the installation.

The “hardware” part is almost finished (a mirror, a part of the computer system and some details are missing), the team is now working on putting the complete system into operation. Confined to the APEX base for the time it takes to cool down, the team will take a little rest before checking that the detectors are still there and working!

Some pictures…

Base camp of San Pedro de Atacama. Behind, Orion’s belt, and this is a real photo without retouching!