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Next Quantum Materials Seminar/LANEF:


Thursday,  15th February 2024 at 2:00 pm

Yoshimitsu Kohama (University of Tokyo)

“ Design and development of next-generation high magnetic field generators for pulsed-field neutron Laue diffractometry “




To access this seminar:

Institut Néel CNRS, Bâtiment K, Room Rémy Lemaire  (K223)


Abstract: High quality factor superconducting microwave lumped element resonators (LERs) are crucial elements in quantum science and technology applications, Understanding of topological properties of matter (e.g., anomalous Hall effect, non-reciprocity, electromagnetic effect, and so on) is one of the main focus on condensed matter physics. The neutron diffraction experiment provides the most reliable way to investigate the origin of the topological properties through the direct observation of the spin structure. The recent collaboration between the neutron science laboratory (NSL) and International MegaGauss Science Laboratory (IMGSL) at ISSP enables to perform the stroboscopic time of flight measurement of neutron diffraction pattern under long pulsed magnetic fields [1], which potentially extends the accessible range of the magnetic field strength up to 30 T with keeping the size of the reciprocal space. In this talk, I, one of the high-magnetic field scientists, will describe the advantages and drawbacks of our long-pulse system with a special focus on recent advancements in the field generation technique and discuss the future perspective of our research.

[1] Taro Nakajima, Masao Watanabe, Yasuhiro Inamura, Kazuki Matsui, Tomoki Kanda, Tetsuya Nomoto, Kazuki Ohishi, Yukihiko Kawamura, Hiraku Saito, Hiromu Tamatsukuri, Noriki Terada, and Yoshimitsu Kohama, “Stroboscopic Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffraction in Long Pulsed Magnetic Fields” arXiv 2308.11097.

The organizers:

Elsa Lhotel (elsa.lhotel@neel.cnrs.fr)
Florence Levy-Bertrand (florence.levy-bertrand@neel.cnrs.fr)