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Next Quantum Materials Seminar/LANEF:


Thursday, September 28th 2023 at 2:00 pm

Yoichi Yanase (Kyoto University, Japan)

“ Magnetism, superconductivity, and nonreciprocal responses in UTe2 ”



To access this seminar:

Institut Néel CNRS, Building K, Room Rémy Lemaire  (K223)


Abstract: After the discovery of superconductivity in UTe2, clarification of correlated quantum phases including magnetic state and multiple superconducting states has been a central topic of unconventional superconductivity. We have theoretically studied UTe2 based on the microscopic and phenomenological models constructed from a first-principles calculation. I will discuss (i) Fermi surfaces, (ii) topological superconductivity, (iii) spin-triplet superconductivity arising from magnetic fluctuations, and (iv) possible nonreciprocal responses emerging from spontaneous symmetry breaking. In particular, the symmetry and topology of multiple superconducting phases of UTe2 are discussed by comparison of theories and experiments.

The organizers:

Elsa Lhotel (elsa.lhotel@neel.cnrs.fr)
Florence Levy-Bertrand (florence.levy-bertrand@neel.cnrs.fr)