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Next Physics – Business – Research Meetings (RPER) !

Campus Pierre et Marie Curie à Sorbonne Université

Friday, 17th September 2021


This day is designed for PhD students and post-docs from all over France:
accommodation and dinner on the previous day will be offered to non-Ile-de-France residents participants.

The RPERs aim to :
– To introduce you to the beautiful physics done in large industries, SMEs and startups;
– Promote your PhD degree to companies by offering them access to a pool of young PhDs in physics;
– Promote cross-fertilisation between companies, organisations and young people in order to bring together the industrial and academic sectors

Programs and registrations: www.rper.fr

Reduced rate for members of the SFP Youth Network (you can join for free through your lab’s membership).

Limited places! Maximum capacity reached 3 months before the event in 2017.

Read more here.