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High-fidelity operation of fluxonium qubits


Quentin Ficheux (Institut Néel)


Horaire/Time : le mardi 28 mars 2023 à 14:00


Lieu/Place : Salle Rémy Lemaire K223, Institut Néel


Résumé/Abstract : A promising path to reduce gate errors in superconducting quantum processors consists in developing highly anharmonic circuits with some degree of protection from prevailing decoherence sources. At present, properly designed single highly anharmonic fluxonium qubits can have over 1 ms coherence time — about tenfold or more compared to regular transmons superconducting qubits. In this talk, I will compare the different approach to superconducting quantum computation and I will describe recent implementations of high-fidelity single and two-qubit gates in fluxonium circuits. This includes a fast microwave-activated controlled-Z gate completed in less than 9 qubit Larmor cycles (about 60 ns) with a fidelity of 99.2%, which is on-par with the best microwave-activated gates reported on several other platforms. Finally, I will discuss the prospects of extending the system size to large scale quantum processors and simulators.