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Priyank Singh presents

Thermal transport in suspended graphene: beyond the Fourie law

Thursday 31st March at 2.00 pm

in the Remy Lemaire room K223 – K building of Institut Néel





Thermal properties of graphene have attracted a lot of interest with some reports estimating its thermal conductivity to be one of the highest known in materials. Interestingly, different experimental and theoretical techniques estimate the thermal conductivity of graphene ranging from 100 to 10000 W/(m.K). These values vary depending on the probing technique. Experimental measurements have estimated the conductivity by utilizing the modelling approaches which are indirect way of estimations and rely on the Fourier law. We have observed thermal transport in suspended graphene by monitoring the optical phonons using 2 laser Raman thermometry. Our observations cannot be explained by Fourier law. We propose a general model of Fourier law in order to capture the new observations. 



Nedjma Bendiab, Laëtitia Marty (Institut Néel) & Michele Lazzeri (IMPMC)