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Pierre Monceau, MagSup team, will present
the monthly NÉEL seminar

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 9:30 am

Salle des séminaires – Bâtiment A


Title: Charge density waves… My love

Abstract :

It is exactly fifty years since charge density waves (CDWs) – a modulation of electronic charges concomitant with a distortion of the crystal lattice – were experimentally demonstrated in one- and two-dimensional compounds. The properties of these CDWs have been intensively studied at the CRTBT, at the LEPES and pursued at Institut Néel. Rather than a similar approach to that of “Le Temps Retrouvé”, the seminar will concern some recent results involving the nonlinear properties of CDWs. The first part1 shows the use of the Hall voltage to depin the CDW of NbSe3 in nano-structures of submicron size. Measurement of the pinning force is also used2 to characterize the non-equilibrium nature of the CDW ground state in rare earth tellurides (RTe3). Finally, do magneto-conductivity measurements in the non-linear CDW state of (TaSe4)2I, recently described as a Weyl semi-metal, reveal an axionic type character3?.

1-A.V. Frolov et al. Applied Phys. Letters, 118, 213102 (2021)
2-A.V. Frolov, et al. Applied Phys. Letters, 118, 253102 (2021)
3-A.A. Sinchenko et al., Applied Phys. Letters, 120, 063102 (2022))