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Philip HERINGLAKE presents

Realtime imaging of force fields at the nanoscale with a 2D nano-optomechanical probe

Tuesday, 26th October 2021 at 10.00 am

Salle D420 Nevill Mott, Institut Néel : number of person limited to 20 

Link : https://univ-grenoble-alpes-fr.zoom.us/j/96327893516?pwd=MlN2dVBBNkZsMFBsUVJLRGRYN0ZVQT09



Abstract :

The work presents recent developments in nanowire-based force field microscopy, a scanning probe technique aiming at a better understanding of the fundamental properties of nanostructures at short distances. It is based on the resonant optical readout of the vibrations of a singly clamped nanowire as long as a hair is thick and about 100 times thinner. By contactlessly moving the nanowire over a nanostructured sample surface, the changes of the vibration properties can be measured and used to learn about the forces acting on the nanowire. In doing so, we obtain information about the surface topology and its electrostatic properties. We apply this force microscopy to probe electrostatic surface fields, a step towards the detection of the fundamental Casimir force. In a last part, we present a technique to generate arbitrary force fields to gain control over the mechanical properties of the nanowire, opening perspectives for force field microscopy and the investigation of fundamental physics.


The PhD was conducted under the supervision of:
Olivier Arcizet and Benjamin Pigeau

The jury consists of:
Elizabeth Charlaix (Chair)
Antoine Heidmann (Rapporteur)
Alessandro Siria (Rapporteur)
Adrian Bachtold
Serge Reynaud