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Seminar MCBT : Tuesday, 31st May 2022 at 11:00 am

Owen Moulding (Institut Néel)

Title : High temperature superconductivity in high pressure hydrides


Institut Néel, Room E424
Abstract : Since 2015, several high pressure hydride superconductors with superconducting transitions above 200K have been discovered: most notably SH3 (Drozdov, 2015), YH9 (Kong, 2021), and LaH10 (Somayazulu, 2019) with superconducting transitions of 203K, 243K, and 260K at 155GPa, 201GPa, and 183GPa respectively. The highest superconducting transition measured thus far, though controversial, was observed in carbonaceous-sulfur-hydride at a pressure of 267GPa with a superconducting transition of 288K (Snider, 2020). In this talk, I will outline recent experimental results and discuss the technicalities of performing electrical transport measurements under such extreme pressures. I will then show our preliminary measurements of SH3 where we observe a superconducting transition at 190K and 153GPa. Finally I will show measurements of a distorted LaH10 compound which has a superconducting temperature of 83K at 127GPa that is contrary to the previously measured high-symmetry phase. Of course, further discussion is more than welcome.