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Maxime Gaignard presents

 A bright source of single and indistinguishable photons

Monday, December 18th 2023 at 14:00

Room F418 – Institut Néel

Link visio: https://orsay.bbb.cnrs.fr/b/gai-0i7-53m-asa

Secret code: 633331

The defence will be in English.


Abstract: In the fields of quantum communications and quantum computing, the transmission of information using single photons guarantees the security of the communication and enables calculations that would be impossible with our “classical” computers. One of the key elements in implementing such protocols is the photon source. It must emit, on demand, one and only one photon with specific quantum properties.
The aim of this PhD project was to characterise a source of single and indistinguishable photons, designed and manufactured at CEA-Grenoble, and consisting of an InAs self-assembled quantum dot integrated into a nanopost cavity. In a first part, I will present the measurement of the principle figures of merit of a single photon source : The single photon purity and the indistinguishability of the emitted photons. In the second part of the presentation, I will discuss some complementary results obtained with fine resonant spectroscopy experiments, which aim at understanding and quantifying the different sources of decoherence applied on the emitter.
The results presented in this PhD defense, combined with further improvements of the device, pave the way for the realization of a broadly-tunable source of single and indistinguishable photons.