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Seminar PLUM : Friday, 23rd June 2023 at 11:00 am

Maria Luz Martinez Ricci (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Title: Plasmonic-photonic nanostructures designed for electromagnetic field enhancement


Institut Néel, Room F418 (Erwin Bertaut)

Abstract: Nanocomposites are nowadays one of the most promising architectures for the production of highly tunable systems  specially at the optical range. In particular, the possibility to localize and enhance the electromagnetic (EM) field in subwavelength regions is of particular interest towards the application of photonicplasmonic nanostructures to areas as optical sensing.

In this talk, I will present diverse hierarchical nanostructures we have designed and synthesized combining two main building blocks: inorganic mesoporous thin films (MTFs) and fotoactive nanoentities as metallic nanoparticles or/and Qdots. On one side, MTFs are ideal platforms for optical platforms since they are highly reproducible, transparent with high homogeneous area. The accessible mesoporosity of the MTFs widens up the use of these thin films since the optical properties became tunneable and they allow to harbor fotoactive nanoentities. On the other side, we have used diverse models to optimize the interplay between nanoparticles and photoactive nanoentities included in the MTF pores incrementing their excitation rate due to EM field enhancement. EM models, in particular, have been used to understand the optical response of platforms based on the stacking MTFs as photonic crystals or as TAMM resonators allowing to design hybrid nanostructures that enhance and tune the reflectivity obtaining platforms with novel andunusualoptical responses.


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