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Seminar MCBT: Tuesday, 21st June 2022 at 11:00 am

Jens H. Bardarson (KTH  Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

Title: Information lattice and many-body quantum dynamics


Institut Néel, Room E424
Abstract : I will attempt to give a pedagogical introduction to the role of (quantum) information in many-body dynamics, with a special focus on thermalizing dynamics in closed quantum systems. We have recently introduced the concept of the information lattice as a tool to analyze such many-body dynamics. I will try to get to the point where I can explain what this is, but the bulk of the talk will be about general background. I will touch topics such as information and entropy, eigenstate thermalization and it’s breakdown, and the entanglement barrier in thermalizing many-body dynamics. I aim for a non-technical intuitive discussion of these topics and how they all ultimately relate to information flow.